Diving Flippers

Often when faced with buying SCUBA gear people sideline its importance and mostly go for attractiveness, color and flexibility. The most common misconception about diving fins is that the harder the fin and less flexible, the better power and faster you can go.

The truth of the matter is you, don’t really need to be going by speed or power, after all you’re there to explore the underwater life, not race your buddy or catch the fish. SCUBA fins that are less flexible fool divers into thinking that they are generating more propulsion where as the reality is, they create more resistance.

For starters, you need to choose dive fins that are easy on you in the water, and allow you to navigate well. Fit and comfort are of utmost importance when buying fins. Fins that are even slightly loose for your feet may cause your ankles to hurt as they would move while you kicked. They can give you blisters and chafes and make your dive uncomfortable. Loose fins can also be easily kicked off while on a dive. Your fins should have features and a size appropriate for you. Extra long fins if you’re a relatively short person can put undue stress on your leg muscles during propulsion causing them to cramp. So, choosing a good pair of SCUBA fins while investing in your first pieces Diving Gear and Equipment is critical.

Below are several of the fins we have research that might like to use:

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